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Shooting breaks & Stalking

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Scotland is renowned for shooting, stalking and hunting. At Kinloch House we regularly host groups and shooting parties keen to experience the best shoots in the Perthshire region and we can assist in putting together a great package for individuals or groups.  Shooting opportunities are often seasonal in Scotland so it is best to make your enquiry in advance. You may require to observe certain formalities especially if you are bringing guns from overseas. In some cases a minimum number of participants may be required.

Choose from first class wing shooting with driven pheasant and grouse, rough shooting, woodcock and some unbelievable goose shooting. There is also deer stalking for red, roe, sika and fallow deer together with a wealth of other sporting activities you can combine such as golf, fishing, hill walking and Munro climbing.

Useful links for shooting breaks in Scotland

Hendry Ramsay and Waters – –  Scotland’s Premier Sporting Agency

4 X 4 Hire Scotland Ltd –  –  all terrain vehicle hire in the UK, delivery locations at all UK airports.

Game Bird Season Scotland

Scotland Date From Date To
Grouse 12th August 10th December
Ptarmigan 12th August 10th December
Partridge 1st September 31st January
Pheasant 1st October 1st February
Duck 1st September 31st January
Geese 1st September 31st January
Snipe 12th August 31st January
Woodcock 1st September 31st January

We can offer the following types of sport:

  • Driven days
  • Mini driven days (Often a mixed bag)
  • Walked up days
  • Walked up over pointers
  • Woodcock
  • Snipe
  • Rough shooting days (mixed birds and game)
  • Duck flighting

Deer Season Scotland

Scotland Date From Date To
Red Stags 1st July 20th October
Red Hinds 21st October 15th February
Roe Bucks 1st April 20th October
Roe Does 21st October 31st March
Fallow Bucks 1st August 30th April
Fallow Does 21st October 15th February
Sika Stags 1st July 20th October
Sika Hinds 21st October 15th February

We can arrange the following deer stalking sport:

  • Accompanied Red & Sika Stags trophy and cull animals
  • Accompanied Fallow & Roe Bucks trophy and cull animals
  • Accompanied Red & Sika deer Hinds
  • Accompanied Fallow & Roe Does
  • Accompanied DSC2 Accredited Witness stalks
  • Introduction to Deer Stalking (orientation to deer, firearms and safety, shot placement, practice shots and 1 days accompanied stalking)